Friday, February 18, 2011

«How I Became TOP Forex Trader»

The story begins in the year of 2003 when I came to the Forex by chance through a friend of mine.

I didn't waste my time! To learn the basics of trading, I have attended the basic course to become Forex trader ($240) .

The course lasted for two weeks after which I knew how to run the trading platform, recognize the trend's, what is PIP, etc.

It was quite logical that this knowledge isn't enough to become profitable which was mentioned by the lecturer in the beginning of the course.

Since they didn't have advanced trading course, we (attenders) were on our own to find further education about trading.

It took me 6 months to find an old veteran who knows every little thing when it comes to trading. After I found him, we had sat for a drink and talked:
He told me that he isn't interested in teaching or coaching but he would like to stay in contact with me.

After that I have begun talking to him on the phone, or went to a drink with him just to spend few hours talking (he likes to talk very much). I have found out that he has 35 years of experience with stock market and 25 years with Forex.

We talked about trading, world economy, actual happenings, etc.
All that time he didn't reveal «the secret» of his success even for a bit!

As time was passing I have found out that he has tons of money and likes to be anonymous.
That money doesn't make him happy, when I asked him: «WHY?» He has said: «When you will understand!»

After 6 months of spending time together, I have noticed that when he drinks a whiskey he forgets about time and he starts to open himself a little bit more.

This was a day when I have decided to start insisting on drinking alcoholic beverages. It was a real jackpot for me.

After couple of drinks he would start to talk about hidden secrets of trading Forex!

He says about Forex : «I was there when FOREX has started, we where trading by phones, spread was 50 pip's.....We were making money then. What about you? You have 2 or 3 pip's spread and all you can do is lose your money, lol!»

In the next few years I have learned a lot from him about trading Forex.
I am in contact with him even today!

People often ask me for his phone number to make contact with him but he wishes to stay anonymous. So I cannot give his contact details.

Thank's to him, today I work as professional Forex trader (money manager) for private investment company.

I hope that this short article «My path» will help somebody to see his own goal more easily!


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