Friday, February 18, 2011


When it comes to FOREX  I like trading FOREX and  everything related to trading. I like to teach others!
I  have a talent to explain and my mission is to explain the basics and advanced stuff about trading  to everyone who is interested in trading and is willing to devote his time to learn new things every day.
If you learn only 3 facts per a day, after one year you will know 1000 facts!
Forex is a passion but does not suit all people! If you ask yourself why, then ask yourself  how  world  would look if everyone quit his day job and started with FOREX trading!
I will coach you for free!  
But when you earn enough, then you will pay me!
How much will you pay?  Hmm!
You will pay as much as you think that my coaching is worth  to you but if you don't earn then you don't have to pay anything. No, there is no paying upfront!


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